MakanMakan: Pesta Melanau


MakanMakan Sarawak is a cultural-culinary experience aimed at learning and sharing the diverse cultural practises and traditions of the many ethnic groups within Sarawak. It is held in conjunction with the many cultural festivals in Sarawak - Chinese New Year, Hari Gawai, Deepavali etc.

MakanMakan Sarawak: Pesta Melanau in 2017 features one of the local indigenous groups within the region of Sarawak. Traditional dishes grounded in Melanau food culture such as the live Si'et known as one of their famous local delicacy. Each dish is accompanied by in depth explanations by local experts on their cultural and traditional significance. Guests will also get a chance to observe and learn the food culture and practises of the Melanaus throughout the programme.

MakanMakan seeks to provide a communal platform that adopts the idea of how food brings people together. Each series strives to impart the curiosity and drive to learn, in order to better understand one another's cultural heritage, which in the long run will lead to cross-cultural understanding and acceptance.

11am-2pm : Traditional Melanau Lunch
2pm-5pm : Live demonstrations, exhibitions, traditional games, and workshops.

There will also be dances, video presentations, and much more.

1. Ticket holders will be seated in groups of 4 at a long table. If you wish to sit with your group of friends/family, do buzz the hotline to inform us of your group after purchasing your tickets.
2. You are encouraged to dress in traditional Melanau attire or any smart casual outfit.


Sat Apr 22, 2017
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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Sunset Ballroom, Damai Beach Resort
Admit ONE SOLD OUT RM35.00
Venue Address
Sunset Ballroom, Damai Beach Resort, Kuching Sarawak. Malaysia
Upon reaching the parking area, take a left to the new wing of Damai Beach Resort with the Sunset Ballroom at the end.
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